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Diamond Grinding Wheel, PCD Cutting Tool Blanks, Diamond Bruting wheel, PCD, PCBN, PDC


Henan HengYuan Super Hard Products Co., Ltd is one professional technological enterprise engaged in developing, producing, selling and servicing ultra hard products especially kinds of vitrified diamond grinding wheel, vitrified CBN grinding wheel, and other polycrystalline diamond products. All the materials and products sell to India, Thailand, Israel, Canada, France, Belgium, Japan, Turkey and American area.

Our products are Big Size Synthetic Monocrystalline Diamond, PCD Polycrystalline Diamond, TSP Polycrystalline Diamond, CBN inserts for Hardened steel, PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks, PCD Cutting Tool Blanks, Diamond Bruting wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheels for PCD & PCBN tools, PDC Cutter, PCD Tool Grinder, PCD Inserts, PCBN Inserts, CVD Diamond Tools, Vitrified bond diamond wheel for Precision Grinding of PDC, Vitrified diamond wheel for PDC cutter rough grinding, CBN Cylindrical Grinding Wheel, CBN Wheel for Camshaft Grinding, CBN grinding wheel for slot edge grinding, CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft, Electroplated diamond grinding wheels, Electroplated Diamond Grinding Discs, Grinding & Cutting Blades, Electroplated Diamond Cutting Discs, Diamond Cutting Disc, Diamond Grinding Disc, Diamond Cup Wheel, PDC Cutter Grinder, PDC Bits, PCD cup wheel.

Today, the demand of vitrified-bonded wheels is sharply increasing in various high-tech industries. We has put forth its best efforts without exception, to develop better quality and high-performance vitrified-bonded products to meet all diversified industrial applications.